Honey is considered to be the food of the gods, as it never spoils and never goes bad. It's a widely known fact that stored honey was found in ancient Egyptian tombs. It is considered a food treasure because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

The healing effects and properties of honey are summarized below:
1. Bacteriostatic, bactericidal: it doesn't allow the growth of any pathogenic bacteria.
2. Liver boosting action: it acts effectively against liver and bile diseases.
3. Tonic and booster action: it has such an effect on kidneys and heart. Its diuretic properties help eliminate waste substances from the blood, while its antiseptic properties protect the bladder from infections. Its has beneficial properties on the heart muscle offering lots of energy, thus making the muscle work constantly. Finally, its vasodilating properties facilitate blood circulation.
4. It helps in cases of gastrointestinal diseases and constipation, and also helps the digestive process and the better assimilation of foods. It helps the treatment of gastric ulcer and gastroenteritis, having healing properties.
5. Antitussive, mucolytic action: it helps the restoration of the mucous membranes of the throat, while it soothes the persistent cough.
6. Soothing action: honey is considered beneficial to the nervous system. A beverage with honey relaxes and calms the spirit as well as the body. In fact, a honey drink before bedtime helps patients suffering from insomnia.
7. Therapeutic action: it helps in cases of various skin diseases, in the treatment of dandruff and dry skin, but also in wound healing.
Depending on its variety, honey offers many other nutritional benefits.


Our company ELLDORON LTD offers you the best varieties of honey, collected from Mount Olympus and Mount Kissavos, bringing them right at your table. You can view in detail everything that concerns conifer honey (from oak and from pine trees) and flower honey.

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Honey from flowers

Texture and taste: It is considered to be the sweetest honey, since it is produced by the nectar of the flowers. Its color as well as its properties differ according to the nectar of flowers the bees carry to the bee hive. Nutritional value: It helps children's well-being and growth and it helps to have a better digestive process, while offering energy and stamina, regulating intestinal function and enhancing the function of the liver. Crystallization: It crystallizes in a short period of time. All products are available, upon request, in many different packages so as to meet the needs of each customer.

Honey from oak trees

Texture and taste: Oak honey is dark, almost black, viscous, with a special taste, rich and full-flavored, but not very sweet. Nutritional value: It is considered to be the top antioxidant honey of Greek nature, as it contains large amounts of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium. It strengthens the metabolism and the functions of the vital organs because of the enzymes it contains. It also helps in cases of gastric disturbances, colds, overwork and hemorrhoids. Crystallization: This type of honey crystallizes very hard. All products are available, upon request, in many different packages so as to meet the needs of each customer.

Honey from pine trees

Texture and flavor: Pine tree honey according to the time of its collection is of a different color. The one produced in spring is usually lighter and more clear than the one produced in autumn. Its fragrance is special and some compare it with the iodine aroma. Its low sugar concentration makes it less sweet to taste. Nutritional value: Pine tree honey is of high nutritional value due to the large number of different substances (mainly trace elements) that are present in its composition. It has an antiseptic action, it helps fight inflammations and works against cough and gout. It also fights throat problems. It is a tonic, it increases the heart rate, while reducing the ulcer problems. Finally, it has a strong anti-estrogenic effect on breast cancer cells. Crystallization: Pine honey remains fluid for a long time. Crystallization can be observed after one and a half years. All products are available, upon request, in many different packages so as to meet the needs of each customer.